2019 Goals / A Much-Needed Update

Hello everyone!

Yes, I know I disappeared from this blog for *gulp* 3 months. And I have a long list of excuses as to why. But who wants to hear those? All that matters is I’m back now, and trust me, I’m here to stay. For real this time.

I started this blog in May of 2017. Since then, I have switched the theme a dozen times, changed the overall “vision” for my content, re-designed the entire site (including deleting all my previous posts and starting over from scratch), accidentally erasing everything, starting over from scratch again, and now here we are! A year and a half later with a grand total of (drum roll please)……

4 posts. Wow.

I know. What an accomplishment.

Ok, but seriously. My 2019 New Year’s resolution is to start taking this blog and my content much more seriously. Not because I want to make money or be an internet celebrity, but because blogging and writing are things I love to do. What’s more, I know there’s people out there who enjoy reading my words. If I can uplift, inspire, and bring happiness to people through my content, I don’t need money. Encouraging others and brightening their day is worth more than gold to me.

For those reasons, I’ve compiled a list of 3 main goals I’d like to accomplish in 2019 to further advance my blog and content.

#1: Start posting at least 2x per month.  I admit, this one is going to be a challenge for me. From the day I started blogging, getting just one post up per month has been a struggle. Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons. To be completely honest, I haven’t had the motivation to write and publish good content, I haven’t had any inspiration, I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block, and I just haven’t felt like writing. But the main reason is that I haven’t been taking the time to try, which leads me to my second goal.

#2: Set aside uninterrupted time to write and brainstorm.  This one won’t be easy, either. Since school started, I’ve found myself with no time to write. It’s slipped through my fingers every. single. day. From school to violin to my social life to distractions, I just haven’t been able to sit down for a good hour or two and really write. And when I did have time, I’d sit at my computer staring at a blank Word document, trying to get ideas. However, I’ve come up with a solution.

I just have to do it. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. You can’t finish something unless you start. So instead of wasting my time scrolling through apps on my phone, I’m going to use that time to write and be creative instead. To aid in that process, I recently sat down and had a major brainstorming session, and I came up with a list of post ideas. (You can expect book reviews, original short stories, pictures, travels, lifestyle articles, random thoughts, and much more during this New Year!) I’ve already started working on some of those ideas, but that doesn’t mean I won’t need more. I’d like to hear from you! What are some things you’d like me to write about? Any questions you have that I could answer? Get creative! I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests!

#3: Get more involved in the “blogging community.”  There are tons of other teenage Christian bloggers out there, and I’ve enjoyed reading their blogs and getting to know them through their posts. I’ve even exchanged several emails with one! (Shout-out to Jo! You should definitely check out her blog here!) To get more involved, one of the things I’m going to do is create a “Blog Button Page.” A blog button is a logo that bloggers design and then “swap” with other bloggers. For example, if I were to swap buttons with someone, I’d display their button on my page, and they would display mine on theirs. The button then acts as a link to the blog. (I hope that made sense!) Blog buttons are a great way to connect with people and get publicity. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to design and swap! This is my current blog button:  Well there you have it. My 3 main goals for 2019. I hope to work harder in this new year to achieve my goals, and that you enjoy staying with me for the wild ride ahead! (Don’t forget to leave suggestions for post ideas or any questions you have for me!)

I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and that it brings you lots of joy and many blessings! See ya next year! *wink wink*

– Meredith :)

6 thoughts on “2019 Goals / A Much-Needed Update”

  1. Awwwwwwww thanks for the shout out Meredith! :D
    And yaaaaaaayyymore posts form the Artsy Arrow! *jumps* Those sound like awesome goals!


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