April Fools Pranks 2019

Hello hello!!

April Fools. Tricks. Deception. Pranks. No one’s quite sure how this bizarre holiday got started, but it has become a day for people to play jokes and pull pranks on each other. I always enjoy pulling a couple of quirky tricks on my family, specifically my 10-year-old brother. We get a good kick out of joking around on this wacky holiday, so here’s 3 of the 2019 April Fools antics that went down at our house.

#1: Selfies Everywhere

For this one, you’ll need to print a bunch of silly selfies. Then, put them in things or places where the victim will be sure to find them. For example, tape a few to their bathroom mirror, put one in their school binder/notebook, and you can even put one in the cereal box! Now wherever they go, the victim will constantly be finding random pictures of you!

#2: Toilet Papering the Room

To set this up, I waited until my brother had gone to sleep. You must make sure your victim is sound asleep in order for this to work. I wouldn’t recommend doing this to light sleepers. After the victim is asleep, sneak into their room and string toilet paper everywhere! I did one continuous strand of toilet paper all over the room, making sure to leave a little slack in it so it wouldn’t tear. The next morning, my brother woke up to the toilet paper surprise!

#3: The Brownie Hoax

I pulled this deliciously deceptive prank on the kids at my homeschool co-op, and they loved it! Start by cutting out lots of E’s from brown construction paper or brown paper bags. Then, place them in a container with a lid. Make sure your container and lid are not see-through. You’re all set! Bring out the tray of Brown E’s and tell your friends that you made them some delicious brownies! Watch their reaction as they open the container, expecting a chocolaty brownie, but find a Brown E instead! (If you want to keep your friends, I’d suggest baking a batch of real brownies to give them after you pull the prank.) If you go to work, you can also leave the tray of Brown E’s in a place where your co-workers will see them. Put a note on them saying “brownies – help yourself!” Watch them throughout the day as they react to the prank and try to discover who brought the Brown E’s!

There ya go! Those are the April Fools Pranks I pulled this year! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and be sure to try these out next year!

Do you like April Fools? Did you pull pranks or get pranked this year? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


17 thoughts on “April Fools Pranks 2019”

  1. MWAHAH NEXT YEAR EVERYONE WATCH OUT FOR THE PRANKING QUEEN (jk I suck at pranking). Buttt, I actually did the brown E thing! I wrote “e” on a whole bunch of papers in a brown marker and gave them to my friends. I also gave one to my English teacher… I’m fairly sure she hated me afterward?? But I made her actual brownies recently so it’s all good :D


    1. Haha that’s awesome! Much easier than cutting out tons of individual Brown E’s, too! ;) Glad you made your English teacher real brownies…it doesn’t go over well when you don’t! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, yeah. When lazy people are met with a task, they go out of their way to simplify it lol. Yup, my teacher would probably still hate me if I hadn’t given them to her.


  2. Meredith, you cruel cruel person! :P XD I wanted to try the Brown E one, but to no avail. I was busy being pranked. (WAH)


  3. These were some of the best pranks ever!! 😂 We’ve done (as a family) some great ones. One time I said there was a spider on my grandmother, she believed me, and I tried to “catch it” and I had a string that felt like it running across her, she totally believed me and she was jumping and stuff. 😂😍 Nice post!! We didn’t do any thing year, though.

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