Pananaw Blog Launch!

Hey there!

Today I have a very exciting announcement! My good friend Jo is launching a new blog! *dances* If you remember from a few months ago, we did a collab post on her old blog, The Lens and the Hard Drive. However, Jo has just recently announced that she’s retiring from TL&THD, and is now launching a new blog, Pananaw!Jo and I met online several months ago, and we became fast friends! We also had the opportunity to meet in real life, and it was so cool to connect with her in person! Jo is a Canadian Christian homeschooler, as well as a writer, photographer, musician, and co-producer/editor of The Audiosmiths’ Radio Theater – a group of awesome bloggers who make awesome radio dramas! (You can check them out here!) Jo also writes for an Adventures in Odyssey fan-blog, Welcome to Odyssey!In the Tagalog language, “pananaw” means insights, which is exactly what Jo will be providing on her new blog! Pananaw will feature Jo’s writing and photography as well as her views on the world and life. (Jo loves Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Adventures in Odyssey, so you can also expect to see a fair bit of fandom references, too!) Full of photos, fandoms, and fun, Pananaw will be a place for insight.

If you want to learn more about Pananaw, be sure to follow the blog tour! The schedule is posted below, and the full link to Pananaw will be released tomorrow, May 9th! Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour, and head back here tomorrow, where I will be updating this post with the official Pananaw link!

– Meredith :D



May 5:

Character Interview with Ava @ https://elysianartiste.com

Combo with Jemima Puddleduck @ https://onthewingsofadreamblog.wordpress.com

Interview with Rose @ https://apurposeofwingeddogs.wordpress.com/

May 6:

Combo with Grace @ https://www.gracefullyinthemoment.wordpress.com

ZCN News Interview + Spotlight with Emmie @ https://americangirlworld.blog

Interview + Blog Spotlight with Isabel @ https://chasingfantasia.wordpress.com

May 7:

Interview (aka squealing) with Tess @ http://steeplechase-blog.com

Charrie Interview + Spotlight with Merie Shen @ https://imperialscribis.wordpress.com/

May 8:

Interview with Allison Grace @ https://allisongracewrites.com/

Blog Spotlight with Meredith @ https://artsyarrow.wordpress.com

Combo with Christina @ https://christinaandcamera.wordpress.com

May 9:

Character Interview with Chloë Mali @ https://chloemali.wordpress.com/

Blog Spotlight with Maya J.T @ https://mayajt.wordpress.com/

Combo with Amie @ https://crazya.blog

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight! Penny Wood @ https://asouthernbellewithstoriestotell.wordpress.com

Blog Spotlight with Bayance @ https://bayance.wordpress.com

Blog Spotlight with Starling @ https://starling7.wordpress.com

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight with Liz @http://www.homewithhummingbirds.com

8 thoughts on “Pananaw Blog Launch!”

  1. Aw this post is so funny and it’s so nice that you’re helping a fellow blogger. It’s great to (finally XD) hop over to your blog after I’ve heard so much about you! Hopefully we can become friends!
    Aditi xx


      1. Ooh okay. So I’ve swapped buttons with a bunch of people and you have too, so obviously many of those people have overlapped. So I’ve seen your blog around and I’m fairly sure that I’ve stopped by before but I was probably on my phone and too lazy to do anything lol. But I promise that if I noticed your amazing dyed hair I would have stayed!!


      2. Oh ok! That makes sense! 😄 Aw thank you! I’ve had the red in for about a year now, I did it with Kool-aid and it’s lasted much longer than anticipated! XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah! I’ve actually re-dyed it 2 or 3 times since I first did it, but it sticks to my hair for several months at a time. (It’s only supposed to last a few weeks haha!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck for your friend, Jo on her new blog! I love the positivity that radiates from your posts and would like to nominate you for the Mystery Blogger Award! The blog will hopefully go up on my site today!

    Liked by 1 person

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