A Visit to Montmorency Falls – Quebec Trip Part 3

As promised, I’m here again with the final installment of our Quebec Adventure series. On the last day of our trip, we left the heart of Quebec City and headed to the Montmorency Falls.

The Montmorency Falls are 272 feet high, which is almost 100 feet taller than Niagara Falls! We were able to take a cable car to the top, and walk along the bridge that suspended us right over the water!

A view of the falls from the cable car

The falls were directly beneath us when we were on the bridge!

After we walked across the bridge, we took a 487-step staircase (which you can see in the photo below) down a cliff and to the base of the falls.

A view of the landscape from the staircase

See that huge cloud of mist at the bottom of the waterfall? When we got to the base of the falls, it decided to sweep over the sidewalk we were on…my brother and I kinda got caught in the middle of it. XD Luckily, we were wearing rain jackets, so only our faces got super wet.

After we escaped the giant mist-cloud, we headed back to the car to start the 8-hour trip back to Toronto. It was nearly mid-night when we arrived home, but we had no trouble going to sleep after such a long yet amazing day.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes this Quebec Trip series. I hope you enjoyed following me along on my trip, and looking at all the photos!

Have a great week!

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