Service // March’s Word of the Month

Well, here we are on March 1st! February was a crazy month for me, and it flew by with the speed of a flying lawnmower. (click the link – you won’t be disappointed XD) Anyway, one major thing that happened in February was that I got a job at one of my favorite restaurants – one that I missed dearly during my time in Canada. This place has great chicken, and the most delicious mac n’ cheese you’ll ever eat. They are huge in the fast food industry, and are known for their excellent customer service. Yep, I am now a proud employee of good ole Chick-Fil-A (or as my friend and I like to call it, “Chickies”).

Now, why did I decide to work at CFA? Well, I already fit the criteria for the job: I’m Christian and I’m homeschooled. Boom – instant hire. (just kidding – that’s not why I was hired, although it may have helped just a tad XD) One of the main reasons I chose CFA as my first job is because of their high expectations of customer service. For example: when taking an order from a customer, we’ve been instructed to say “how may I serve you?” instead of “how may I help you?”. The difference? Saying “how may I help you” implies that you’re “higher” than the customer – that they need your assistance because they don’t have the knowledge or ability to help themselves. However, saying “how may I serve you” implies that you’ve humbled yourself in order to put the customer first and, well, serve them.

Another thing that Chick-Fil-A emphasizes is called Second Mile Service. CFA encourages their employees to do more than what’s required or expected of you while working. For example, this could mean taking food to a customer’s table, and offering to take any trash or re-fill their drinks while you’re there. It could be noticing a family with small children and offering to get them a high chair or carry their food/drinks to the table for them. There are many different ways that Second Mile Service can be applied throughout one shift, and it can vary in each situation. But why is it called Second Mile Service, anyway? Check out the video below to find out. ;)

This month, I’d like to begin making a stronger effort to serve others in my daily life, not just while I’m on the job. It’s important to treat others the way you’d want to be treated, and to look for opportunities to serve those you come in contact with each day. Whether it’s doing extra chores around the house, or helping a stranger carry groceries to their car, there are many different ways we can serve those around us. All we have to do is look.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great start to your March! :D

12 thoughts on “Service // March’s Word of the Month”

  1. Awesome Meredith! I think we all can learn a lot from that post ( btw loved the vid) and i’m going to go the second mile to! You are a great writer and enjoy reading your posts! :D

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  2. That is so awesome, Meredith!! I want to get a job at Chick-fli-a so bad. :D They not only have good food, but the employees are always super nice! I would go there everyday if I could. :D

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    1. Thanks, Heaven! Yes, CFA is awesome! I’d definitely recommend it as a first job to anyone – it’s been a great experience so far!
      Ikr! Their mac n’ cheese is sooo gooodddd XD

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  3. i love you, and this post, and i’m very glad that you’re able to work and grow and be able to serve, and i hope this month is kind to you and gives you all the chikfila sauce your heart could desire. (that stuff tastes amazing. :D)

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