My Top 3 Goals for 2021 // Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year everyone! :)

Remember when everyone expected 2020 to be the year? The start of a new decade called for new goals. I, along with many others, made a list of things I was excited to work on over the year. I was ready to annihilate my goals and come out of 2020 as a better person. The 2020 vision was strong… for about 2 months.

And then the world fell apart, along with all of my ambitious goals and resolutions. As soon as everything went crazy, my goals were completely abandoned. My screen time spiked, waking up early was no longer a priority, and any motivation to write went out the window. In short, my 2020 goals were a total flop.

That brings us to now – January 2021. It’s a new year, and as usual, people have been setting lots of lofty goals for themselves. After a year packed with fear, uncertainty, and lots of extra time to think, I’ve come to realize what really matters in my life. Sure, routines and goals are important, but at the end of the day, I personally am not defined by those things. What defines me is how I choose to spend my time, what things I take in, and how I choose to interact with others. That brings me to my 3 goals for 2021:

#1: Spend My Time Wisely by Continuing My Bible Readings and Journaling

I am not a morning person – I never have been, and doubt I ever will be. This explains why trying to do my Bible readings first thing in the morning didn’t work well for me at all. Recently, I’ve started doing my Bible studies and journaling at night instead, and it has made all the difference! It has been so much easier for me to stay focused and really understand what I’m reading, as well as stay consistent with my journaling. I look forward to doing my Bible readings each night, I’d love to finish reading the New Testament and finish the journals I’m working through by the end of 2021.

#2: Monitor What I’m Putting Into My Body – Both Mentally and Physically

I believe most people try to limit how much time they spend on screens, and I’ll admit – it can be really hard sometimes. You get on YouTube to look up a specific tutorial, and the next thing you know you’re watching Seal Rolls Down Hill three hours later. (Not that I’ve ever seen that video…)

Anyway, in addition to watching how much time I spend online, I’m also trying to be more conscious about what I eat. I’m usually able to eat pretty healthy meals, but I have a major sweet tooth which has come back to bite me recently. Because of this, I’ve been experimenting with some healthier food alternatives, as well as adding more fruits and veggies into my diet. Since making these changes, I’ve felt much better about myself in general, and I’m excited to continue practicing these healthier habits throughout 2021.

#3: Treat People With Kindness

Harry Styles said it best. :)

Once again, Happy New Year everyone! I hope each of you have had a great start to your 2021, and that this year brings many blessings for each of you. If you’ve made any resolutions this year, I’d be very interested to hear what they are! Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! :)

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “My Top 3 Goals for 2021 // Happy New Year :)”

  1. Yes Meredith!!!! Coming through with the 2021 goals!!! 🥳🥳🥳 Honestly these are probably goals that I should work on too haha. 😅 I love that you only choose 3 main ones so that way it’s not an unattainable reach. Great post Mere!! 💕

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